Zaha: I want my clothing range to live on after me

Wilfried Zaha says he has launched a fashion range because he wants to leave a mark on the world that could remain long after he has gone.
The Crystal Palace winger has launched the Long Live clothing range with his partner Kenny AJ. He revealed in an exclusive interview with where the name came from and what it means to him.
“I call myself Long Live on Instagram,” said Zaha. “It’s just making your mark on your existence. I came to England when I was four. I’ve got five brothers, three sisters, and life wasn’t easy.
“You work with what you have. Coming from nothing to becoming something is making a mark in itself. No one knew who I was. I’ve had to work my way to where I am now.
“Now you know who Zaha is and that’s where Long Live has come from. What I left shall remain even when I’m gone.”
Kenny agreed: “I love the name and what it stands for. I think it’s got a powerful meaning behind it, being like young entrepreneurs or hopefuls, being able to create something that will outlive your existence”
And Zaha explained how he started it all.
“I’ve got a massive interest in clothing. I like distressed clothing – ripped and stuff like that. And I just couldn’t find some stuff that I wanted. I was sat down with my missus and she goes to me: ‘You like clothes so much, why don’t you just make your own?’
“I was thinking that I really wouldn’t have the time to do it. It’s a good thing that me and him are together now. Kenny has his own called Play Dot as well. I used to buy some of his clothes anyway. I went to him because I thought – this guy’s got a bit of sense.
“And he’s a mate of mine so I thought: ‘Why not get a bit of help off him?’ And from there we just collabed together.”
Kenny remembers when it started: “I was just going through our tweets and one of them stemmed back to maybe 2013, which is crazy. It doesn’t feel that long ago.”
But the range is now starting to take off.
Zaha said: “When people actually like our stuff it’s kind of weird. We’ve got an app and when you see it going off, people buying them constantly, to the point where it gets sold out. It’s a massive achievement for both of us.
“We haven’t reached the heights that we want yet because it’s still early, but how far we’ve got already it just makes us happy.”