Zaha: players voted for me as dressing room DJ to stop old guitar music

Wilfried Zaha has told how he took over as Crystal Palace dressing room DJ after the other players decided that they preferred his mixes to the guitars and drums served up by Damien Delaney.
Zaha switched to younger music and it went down well, he revealed in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
“When I played music I was a bit diverse,” he said. “I tried to play a bit for everyone. And I just thought: it’s best if I just take over now.
“I took over from Damien Delaney. It was just guitars and drums constantly when he played music. It was just old music that not everyone really liked. I play something for everyone, a bit of everything that everyone likes, so everyone thought yes it was best if I was DJ. Obviously if everyone votes me then he has no real options so…”
Zaha admits that he was worried how it would go.
“I was a bit sceptical about what people would say at the beginning but it weren’t too bad so it was just: I’m going to play it and see how everyone feels about it. But it went well so I’ve just really carried on since then.
“I’ll put music that I like already on there. I’ll have my playlist already on there and then I would add a few different songs. The team is kinda young so most of the songs I like they like anyway but obviously there’s Damien Delaney, there’s Scott Dann, who’s a bit older, so I add a few songs for the older guys.
“They don’t ask much to be honest, just a bit of house music funnily enough. A bit of house, a bit of a change from hip hop, Future and Drake and them lot.”
And he revealed that he does not get a lot of complaints.
“It’s not really hard pleasing them. The only person’s Damien Delaney. He’s the only one that I’ll put the music on – even in the changing room sometimes, not even on a matchday – I’ll put music on and then when I go into the shower, I’ll hear someone plug out my phone.
“It’s just like it’s instantly him that changes the music. So yeah, he’s the only one that tries to now and then.”