Zaha: Palace shirt would look even better with some designer rips

Wilfried Zaha loves the Crystal Palace shirt – but thinks it would look even better with a few fashionable designer rips in it.
“I think it’s a decent top. I don’t think there’s much more needed,” he joked in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives. “A few rips here and there and that’s about it really.”
He likes the Palace colours too, so was not too keen on a suggestion from his Long Live clothing range partner, Kenny A-J.
“It should be black and grey,” suggested A-J. “Like a black panel down the middle. Real dark grey on the sides to stick with the whole Long Live theme.”
Zaha laughed: “Er, that would be literally going against the whole Palace theme, but yeah…”
“So we don’t want to do that?” asked A-J.
“No we don’t want to change colours. No,” said Zaha. “You can’t beat the Palace stripes, but I think I prefer no stripes really. Just one colour.
“The Palace top is decent. It feels comfortable but I played for Ivory Coast and their tops are slightly different. They’re more fitted – way more fitted – and I think I prefer that. I don’t like it when it’s too baggy on you.”