Zaha: no one can believe I play Johnny Cash in the dressing room

Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha is a big fan of Drake and Young Thug, but the unlikely song he plays before games is country classic Hurt by Johnny Cash.

The 14-year-old song has recently been discovered by Zaha, the club’s dressing room DJ. And the winger has been putting Cash’s track in among his regular favourites in Palace’s pre-match playlists.

In an exclusive interview, Zaha told DRDJ: “The most unusual one I put on so far, and everyone was thinking, ‘Is this Wilf’s music?’, was probably Johnny Cash’s Hurt.

“When I put that song on, everyone’s thinking, ‘Whose is this? Is it Damo’s song?’”

Damien Delaney, who was the Palace DRDJ before Zaha, is known for being into his guitar music.

“That was the most unusual one ever and everyone was thinking, ‘You definitely don’t listen to this.’”

Zaha explained he discovered the song after seeing it on an advert for the new Wolverine film on Snapchat. He used Shazam to discover what it was. He said: “I thought, ‘Yes, I like this song’, so I just got it.

“I’m the type of person that, if I like a song, no matter who sings it I just download it. That song is my favourite so I probably play it the most.”

Hurt was originally recorded by industrial band Nine Inch Nails for their 1994 album The Downward Spiral.

Cash covered it eight years later in 2002 on his album The Man Comes Around, the fourth in his critically-acclaimed series of cover versions, American Recordings.

Despite his love of Hurt, Zaha admitted he hasn’t gone on to check out Cash’s other classics such as Ring Of Fire and I Walk The Line.

In our video interview, which can be seen in full above, Zaha said: “I’ve not checked out Johnny Cash’s other music. Hurt is definitely my favourite.”