Zaha: I’m a superhero at Christmas

Crystal Palace flyer Wilfried Zaha can’t wait for Christmas – as it’s an excuse to wear fancy dress.

The club are about to have their annual Christmas do, and Zaha is looking forward to emulating his superhero capers of last year’s party.

In an exclusive interview, Zaha donned a Palace Santa hat and told DRDJ: “Last year’s do was actually decent – everyone made a proper effort. I came as Batman, as it was the quickest costume I could find, and the easiest.”

The winger wasn’t the only Palace player to go for a superhero look, as Zaha added: “Jason Puncheon and Frazier Campbell came as Ninja Turtles. It was nice.”

Zaha explained that Palace like to keep their Christmas parties a family affair.

He enthused: “It’s nice to have a get-together. We all bring our missus as well, so everyone gets to meet everyone.”

Despite being full of Christmas cheer, Zaha admits he’s not a fan of festive songs. He won’t be mixing up his regular favourites like Young Thug and Lil Wayne for Slade or Mariah Carey.

Zaha smiled: “I’m not big on Christmas songs. I don’t have a favourite one. I’m not against them or anything, but I’m not the type to sit down and, just because it’s Christmas, put a Christmas carol on.”

See above for our full video with Zaha talking through his Christmas plans.