Zaha: when I’m sad this song makes me want to dance

When he’s having a bad day – or has had a bad game – Palace star Wilfried Zaha knows the song to play that will stop him feeling sad and make him want to get up and dance: Hit The Quan.
The song was a surprise hit for American rapper iLoveMemphis but the version Zaha likes is the original by Rich Homie Quan, he revealed in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
“There’s been days where I’ve felt down or probably like certain games where I’ve felt that I haven’t performed as well as I should have,” said Zaha, “and there’ll be songs that will bring my mood up.
“Because me personally I could go from sad and listen to one song that would change my mood completely.
“There’s been a few songs that’s done that. Like Rich Homie Quan and the song was Hit The Quan.
“Instantly I’d go from feeling sad to wanting to dance because I’m listening to that song. Then it completely made me forget about why I was annoyed.”
The magic doesn’t work as well, though, when he has an injury.
“When I’m injured I don’t really listen to music. Well – touch wood – I don’t really ever get injured, thank God, so when I was injured it was a thing where I wouldn’t really listen to music.
“I would just go in, work on what I need to work on and just get back out.”