Zaha: the song that makes me go crazy in my car

Palace flyer Wilfried Zaha has revealed the song that drives him crazy when he’s in his car: Post Malone by LA rapper White Iverson.

“I know Post Malone word for word, that’s the one I sing the most,” said Zaha in an exclusive video interview with Dressing Room DJ.

“When it comes on in the car, I actually go crazy. I do songs like Post Malone at karaoke, where the words are easy.

“When it’s a song like that, the squad will take it and most of them will sing along to it.”

Not everyone joins in when it comes to dancing to music in the dressing room, though.

The winger says he and his younger Crystal Palace team-mates are always dancing around the club, to the horror of some of the older players.

Zaha revealed: “Certain songs are totally instrumental, for people who like to dance. For us youngsters who like to dance, we’re straight into that. But for others, because there are no words, they’re going: ‘No, I’m not having it.’ ”

Zaha adds that his former Manchester United team-mates Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard are good dancers too. “At Manchester United, dabbing is going on. Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard dab. The dances trending now are dabbing and hit dem folks, which Jesse also does.”

As he’s been known to bust some moves after scoring, it’s no surprise Zaha thinks he’s a good dancer.

The Ivory Coast international laughed: “I’d say I’m a very good dancer, actually. I dance a lot. I dance at home a lot, I dance at the club a lot and I’ve done a little dance when I score. So, yeah, I think I’m a decent dancer.

“It’s a question of having to keep up with trends when a new dance comes out. Do your best when you dance it, basically.”