Young: this is my favourite track on Nav’s album – do you agree?

Ashley Young has added some new songs by Nav to the Manchester United dressing room playlist and wants to know if you agree with him about which is the best track on the album.
Nav, the Canadian-Punjabi hip hop singer’s album Nav is on Spotify and you can listen to it in the link at the top right.
Young’s favourite track is TTD [Ten Toes Down].
In a self-filmed video exclusively for Footballers Lives, Young, the Man United dressing room DJ, says: “Just to update you about Nav, an up-and-coming artist but to be honest he’s been around for years now.
“I just got my memory jogged because I heard he came out with Drake at one of his last London concerts. His music is unbelievable.
“One of his albums I was listening to the other day and one of the songs on there is Ten Toes Down.
“For me I think that’s the best track on the album but you might have a different opinion so go and listen to him and let me know your thoughts.
“A few of his songs have already been added to the changing room playlist, which a few of the boys are happy with. You’re going to hear a lot of him for 2017.”