Young: The day I sang Man U songs till 3am in hospital

Manchester United star Ashley Young stayed up singing football chants until 3am the night his team clinched the title – but he doesn’t remember a thing about it.

The winger was in hospital as a Robin van Persie hat-trick clinched the title with four games to spare in April 2013.

He had an op in the morning and reckons he still had some drugs in his body because the first he knew of his celebration singalong was when the nurses told him about it next morning.

Young told DRDJ in an exclusive video: “The day we beat Aston Villa, the day we clinched the title, stands out for many different reasons.

“Obviously winning the league but I had an operation that morning, the game was at night and I’d come round but still think there was some morphine still in me.

“When I woke up all the nurses came to me and said, ‘Do you know you was up singing till like three-four in the morning?’

“I was like, ‘Singing? What was I singing?’

“They said, ‘You was just chanting United songs.’

“I didn’t even know I was doing it.”

In fact, Young cannot remember too much about the celebrations at all.

Laughing, he told DRDJ: “I made sure we celebrated for the next few days even though I was on crutches. I can’t really remember it. I’ll tell you why, I was pissed for the whole week!”