Young: My own team-mate nicked my FA Cup winner’s medal

Man United FA Cup hero Ashley Young has told how he lost his winner’s medal after last May’s triumph and had to leave Wembley without it.

Fortunately he got it back after one of his team-mates admitted that he had swiped it by mistake.

Cup holders United are through to this year’s fourth round after Young helped them beat Reading 4-0 on Saturday. But he is still in shock after his medal went missing following their win over Crystal Palace in last season’s final.

With the score still at 0-0, Young came on as a substitute for Marcus Rashford, helping the Red Devils to a 2-1 win in extra time.

But the winger feared his medal was gone when the victorious squad left Wembley with no sign of his treasured memento.

In an exclusive video with Dressing Room DJ, Young explained: “I’d gone off and done a drugs test and come back in and it had disappeared.

“I remember that Marcus Rojo had been sitting close to me but at the time I didn’t realise where the medal had gone. Is it underneath? Is it above? Is it in the kit? Couldn’t find it. I think I was still on a high and I thought: ‘It’s all right. It’ll turn up.”

Still on a high from United’s triumph, Young admitted he wasn’t too concerned about the medal’s disappearance, saying: “I was thinking ‘Oh, it’ll turn up.’ But when we got on the bus – still no medal.

“I was getting a bit concerned here. This is the FA Cup – I want the medal. I want to be able to walk in when we get back to the hotel and show everyone – this is the medal.

“So I was going round all the other guys, saying: ‘Look, can you just see if you’ve got an extra medal? There must be one extra one, as I’m missing mine.’ ”

To Young’s dismay, none of his team-mates had his medal.

Young went on: “We’d literally just got out of the stadium when I heard a voice from the back: ‘I’ve got two medals here.’

“It was Marcus Rojo. He’d picked up mine, put it away in one of his kit bags, then put his own one away in his washbag as well.”

The victory over Palace was the first time United won the FA Cup since beating Millwall 3-0 in 2004, and Young was delighted that Rojo found his medal.

He joked: “I’m very grateful Marcus decided to find my medal for me. It’s back in my possession, in my house, so I’m more than happy.”