Young: school dinners? I wanted to eat fast to go and play football

Ashley Young remembers his school dinners – as something to shovel down him as fast as possible so he could get outside and play football.
“When it came to school dinner time, you were obviously starving at lunchtime and wanted to get in there,” said the Manchester United wide man in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
“But even then I was still wanting to eat my food quick to get outside and go and play football in the playground. That was what I wanted to do.
“The school dinners on a Friday was more like chips and pizza and stuff like that. Then in the week it was more different. It was spaghetti, lasagne, that sort of thing.”
Young’s view of how important school is has changed now he is a dad to Lewis and Kyle.
“I wasn’t a favourite of school, to be honest,” he says. “School is really important and I have to say it all the time, especially to my kids, how important school is and for kids to make sure you’re learning and as long as you’re fuelled in school then you’ll be able to go and do your school work.
“And obviously an important part of school life is eating at lunchtime.”