Young: I’m catching the TV action with The Unit this month

Ashley Young has a busy month with lots of time in hotels – and he knows just what TV he is going to catch up with – The Unit.
The Manchester United wideman has a trip to Anderlecht this month so will have plenty of time to get into the series about American secret agents, starring Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Robert Patrick and Audrey Marie Anderson.
There are four seasons to go at and he is currently on episode eight out of 69, he revealed in an exclusive video that he filmed for Footballers Lives.
“As you know, for us April’s a busy month and we’re going to be in hotels so it’s time to catch up on TV series and the latest films,” said Young. “Not too sure what films are going to come out but my TV series will be The Unit – not sure if any of you have seen it.”
And Young wishes he had known about The Unit sooner.
“It actually came out in 2006 so I don’t know where I’ve been or how I’ve missed it but it’s definitely one to watch.
“I’ve got into it lately. I’m about eight episodes in and it’s definitely a good watch so I suggest you get watching it and I wish one of you had told me about it!”