Young: I’d love to DJ in Vegas

Manchester United star Ashley Young has a secret dream after he hangs up his boots at Old Trafford. He wants to be a DJ in Las Vegas.

Music fanatic Young reveals his passion to be a DJ in an exclusive video interview with DRDJ.
And the man who regularly plays football in front of 75,000 crowds tells us how he’d love to perform on the world’s biggest music stage, too.

“Maybe one day I’ll see myself DJing in Vegas like Calvin Harris does,” said Young.

And he revealed that he is already practising hard and that instead of coming home from training and playing FIFA and Call Of Duty like many other footballers, he is taking time to learn on the decks. “I started my hobby of DJing about three years ago. A lot of people come home and play on the PlayStation or Xbox, but for me I like to get on the decks and think that I’m a DJ.”

Still trying to find his best genre of music, Young said: “There’s all sorts of music I’ve been trying to mix: Old Skool Garage and Funky House, Hip-Hop, Old Skool R&B. It just depends on what day it is, how I feel – I do say the crowd, but there’s no one here. I’m just doing it to myself.”

However, when Young has had an audience, he claims there’s been nothing but a positive reaction. He added: “I’ve had people come to the house when I’ve been on the decks and the feedback’s been quite good actually. Quite a lot of friends telling me to put a mix out there. Even if I go under an unknown name, but I haven’t done anything yet.”