Young: How I became Manchester United DRDJ

Ashley Young has told how he took over from Patrice Evra as Manchester United’s dressing room DJ.

Young, who is an avid amateur DJ with his own mixing decks, tells how he first got his chance when the former United full-back was injured.

Young told DRDJ in an exclusive video how he landed the gig full time after Evra’s choice of playlists were not popular with all the players.

“It took a good few years for me to earn it because Patrice Evra was the dressing room DJ before and I’m not too sure but there was a few that weren’t too happy and wanted it changing,” Young revealed.

The winger, who joined United in 2011 continued: “So every time, if he wasn’t playing or if he was injured then I’d take over and put something on or do a mix.

“It went down quite well, so I just took over basically. I put my iPod on and said, ‘I’m going to play my stuff’.”

When Evra was sold to Juventus in July 2014, the job was Young’s.

He remembers that in the early days some of his team-mates tried to interfere.

“There were times where tracks were getting turned over and if I liked it at the time, I’d be like, ‘What are you doing?’, but generally it doesn’t really happen.”

He added: “I’ll just put a playlist on that I’ve made from the night before and that’ll be it.”