Young: here’s a first look at my new tiger tattoo

Ashley Young has finally revealed his new tattoo – a stunning tiger’s head that covers his left hand.
The Manchester United wide man revealed that he had been inked for EIGHT HOURS last week but kept the design under wraps.
Today in an exclusive video that he filmed himself for Footballers Lives, Young reveals the full artistry and says: “I’m delighted with it.”
Why did he choose a tiger for his first hand tattoo? Because, he tells us, he loves tigers and would love to keep one as a PET.
“It’s my favourite animal. I’ve always loved them. I always wanted to have one as a pet but obviously that’s not possible, so I thought I’d put it on myself.”

Ashley Young with tattooist Molly Rose Collins. Picture copyright @mrosetattoos, Instagram

Young took advantage of the international break to travel to Bristol for the ink session with tattooist Molly Rose Collins at the Forever Bound Studio, where he has been inked before.
In the video, Young says: “I think you could tell by my Instagram that about 10 days ago I got my first hand tattoo. I said I wanted to add to my collection and so I did.
“Obviously on my Instagram it was covered up because I’d just had it done. So this is what I got done.”

Young then brings his hand up to the camera to show the intricate design about 15cms long covering most of the back of his hand.
“As you can tell, it’s a tiger. It’s actually meant to be a white tiger but I couldn’t have him white. And I’m delighted with it. The detail in it is unbelievable as you can see.”

Young with Molly after the eight-hour session, his arm protected. Picture copyright @mrosetattoos, Instagram

Molly explained how the marathon session went.
“We started at about nine in the morning and finished at about five. We pretty much just worked right through the day with just, twenty minutes or half an hour for lunch.
“We were both pretty tired by the end of the day and I don’t think you could sit for much longer than nine or 10 hours.”
But she added that Young took it in his stride. “He was tough,” she added.
And now the secret’s out, Young is pleased to show his fans Molly’s handiwork.
“I just wanted to update you and that’s exactly what I’ve had done.”