Wilshere: I kiss pictures of my kids on my shinpads before every game

England midfielder Jack Wilshere has a picture of his son and daughter on his shinpads and kisses them for luck as he puts them on before every game.
The Bournemouth and Arsenal player revealed his superstition in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
“On my left shinpad I have a picture of Archie, my son, and on my right one I have Delilah, my daughter.
“So I put my left shinpad in first. I kiss it and put it in because my son’s the oldest not my favourite, and then kiss my right and put that one on.
“I’ve only had kids for five years so I don’t know what I used to do and I’ve only had shinpads for the last three seasons probably so I don’t know.
“I must have done it once and had a good game. I think that’s how they stick, superstitions. You do something and you have a good game and you want to repeat exactly what you done the week before.”
Wilshere says none of his team-mates has said anything to him about his ritual.
“No other players have said anything but they must know. I’m in the dressing room. I’m sitting there and I kiss one, kiss the other.
“A lot of players have superstitions, so each player respects their own and their team-mates ones so even if they did see I’m sure they wouldn’t say anything.”
What makes so many players superstitious?
“Different reasons. Some are religious. Some would have had a good game the week before and they want to repeat exactly what they done, thinking they’re going to have a good game.
“Obviously it doesn’t work like that but sometimes you think like that because you want to have a good game and you’ll literally do anything to get your performance right.
“They might just have things that they’ve always done. I know a few of the boys since I’ve been there and at Arsenal have always done it.
“Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain hops onto the pitch with – I think it’s his right foot. I’ve seen a few players do that and you always think it’s a bit strange, but each to his own.
“Players will have their funny ways. They think it’s going to help them have a good game and you’ve got to respect that. As a team-mate you want to get the best out of your team-mate, so whatever they have to do to do it, then good luck.”