Wilshere: if I met my hero Drake I wouldn’t know what to say

Jack Wilshere is a big fan of rapper Drake but admits that if they met, he would just ask for a selfie as he wouldn’t know what to say to him.
“I don’t know actually. I’d probably get a selfie with him. I think I’d be a little bit lost for words, to be honest.”
Wilshere did see Drake recently – but only in the audience when the rapper was on tour in the UK.
“I saw him a couple of weeks ago. He’s on tour at the moment and few of the boys from Bournemouth, we all went together. Yeah, it was very good. I think sometimes you forget how many good tracks he’s got. He plays one and you think: ‘Oh yeah, he’s got this as well’.
“I think it’s unusual for an artist to have that many good tracks that everyone can relate to.”
Wilshere thinks a lot of younger footballers like Drake because he is the same generation as them.
“Someone like Drake is a bit younger. Maybe we can relate to him a bit more. We come from the same generation, as in when we go out, he’s always playing. And he’s got so many good tracks and good albums that it’s hard to ignore him.
“I think it’s the lyrics that people my age, from this generation, can relate to and why everyone likes him. There’ll always be something, a lyric in one of this songs where you can say: ‘Oh yeah, I can relate to that.’ And I think that’s why he’s been so successful.
Bournemouth and Arsenal midfielder Wilshere, who told us last week that he grew up liking S Club 7 and Boyzone, also likes the more lyrical Ed Sheeran, and when he’s on the way to training he plays the Spotify Top 100 on shuffle.
“I’m into all sorts of music,” he revealed his current tastes in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives. “Drake is probably my favourite. Ed Sheeran I like. And those two are completely different so it depends what type of mood I’m in really.
“A lot of the artists, the rap artists – you look at Jay Z and Kanye West – are unbelievable. They’re two of the best ever.”
Music is a big part of Wilshere’s daily life.
“If ever we’re preparing for a game or we’re in the training ground just chilling out before training, there’s always some sort of music playing. It’s good for everyone to be in the dressing room and relax to it.
“Normally on the way to training I start listening to music. If it’s earlier I just normally stick with the charts and the Top 100 on Spotify. I just put it on shuffle and let it play through.”
And after a game?
“If we’ve won we normally put a bit of music on. If we don’t win we keep it quiet, then the manager comes in and says his thing, and if we’ve not got the right result then the boys are looking to get off as quick as possible.”