Warburton: I love mint sauce on roast beef and chicken

Wales star Sam Warburton always smothers his roast dinners with mint sauce – even though he NEVER eats lamb.

Instead, he revealed, he loves beef and chicken dinners with the sauce most people eat ONLY on lamb.

In an exclusive video interview the Cardiff Blues flanker told FUEL his favourite roast would always be his mum’s Sunday lunch, though he did concede his father-in-law was an excellent chef.

Sam Warburton: "I love mint sauce."
Sam Warburton: “I love mint sauce.”

Warburton, who hit the headlines earlier this year for disclosing he once blended and drank a chicken dinner, said: “My favourite roast dinner would always be my mum’s roast dinner because it’s what you’re used to growing up.

“My father-in-law is a really good chef and he cooks brilliant Sunday dinners as well.”

However, unusually for a Welshman, the self-confessed chocoholic explained his family don’t eat lamb but they are rather liberal when it comes to the use of mint sauce.

“I put mint sauce on everything. My in-laws find that funny.”

Warburton says he only became aware recently that not many people eat mint sauce with chicken or beef.

“I realised as I got older mint sauce was meant for lamb but we have it with everything, chicken or beef.”

He’s even managed to convert his wife Rachel Thomas.

“My wife used to find it strange but now she has it with her roast dinners too.”