Warburton: I’m the slowest eater in Wales

Wales captain Sam Warburton says his teammates laugh at him – because he is such a slow eater.

The British & Irish Lion revealed that since he had a jaw operation as a child he has taken his time at meals.

“The boys will take the mick out of how slow I am. I take ages to eat food,” said Warburton in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

“I’m always the first onto the table and I always end up eating on my own at the end as well because everyone’s done and dusted and they’re off doing their analysis or having treatment or whatever.

“When it comes to eating habits I’m really slow. I notice that. I had a jaw operation when I was 10 and I think since then I just eat really slow. Like a sloth.

“So I’m just on the table for ages. A good half an hour. I like to just graze over a meal slowly.”

And he says that his teammates are very different and their food vanishes the moment they sit down.

“The boys will just sit down, five minutes, wolf it all in and they’ve gone, you know, but I take quite a lot of time to eat.”