Shock and oar: Olympic rowers face-to-face with their daily 7,000 calories

Rowers eat plenty – but Olympic champions Andy Triggs Hodge and Pete Reed were shocked when their daily diet was laid out in front of them.

“It’s pretty amazing how much 7,000 calories looks like,” said Triggs Hodge in an exclusive interview with FUEL. “I eat that on a daily basis without thinking.”

That level of consumption is nearly THREE TIMES the NHS recommendation of the 2,500 calories an average man should eat each day.

A typical intake for the triple Olympic gold-winning pair is porridge with blueberries, sourdough toast with peas, avocado and poached egg, cauliflower, pomegranate and potato salad, crispy Baja-style mackerel wrap, a peanut granola bar, and panko-crumbed turkey.

Reed said: “You can imagine having that for your first breakfast, second breakfast and eating snacks and meals throughout the day but when you see it all together it’s crazy.”

But having seen their daily intake the pair – who are both MBEs – are worried about taking on a bit of extra ballast when their rowing days are over.

Hodge: My stomach’s a lot bigger than I thought
Reed: You’re going to have to watch it, aren’t you?
H: Retiring, it’s going to be hard not to continue eating, especially if it’s all that good.
R: Yes but you can cook now, that’s the danger.
H: That’s the danger. I cook myself to the size of a house.
R: Why are we only talking about you? I’m retiring too!
H: Are you?
R: No, maybe not. The food’s too good. I’d miss it.
H: It’s a good reason to keep going.
R: We’re both staring at this and not at each other because it looks great.
H: I hate the sight of you now.
R: Sick of the sight of you. Can we put a screen up?
H: To be fair, that is a lot prettier than you.
R: Yeah. True…