Sam Warburton: I never ate turkey because I felt sorry for them

Wales rugby captain Sam Warburton says he never ate turkey when he was young because he felt sorry for all the birds doomed to die for Christmas dinner.

“I never used to eat turkey at Christmas because I’d feel sorry for the turkeys that were mass produced to be killed for Christmas,” Warburton told FUEL in an exclusive video.

“I used to eat the veg, the roasties but I’d have no protein.

“I realised when I started training turkey was pretty important, so I had to start eating it.”

So now Warburton will eat anything festive – even chocolate money for breakfast – as long as he doesn’t have a match on Boxing Day.

Sam Warburton: I never used to eat turkey at Christmas
Sam Warburton: I never used to eat turkey at Christmas

“With rugby, Christmas dinner varies a lot depending on whether I’m playing or not.

“If I’m playing the next day I can have potatoes, veg, turkey, a bit of gravy, some stuffing.

“I might miss out the pigs in blankets and the roasties in deep fat though.

“If I’m not playing then I’ll have everything – anything goes.

“It’d be my one day off in the week I can eat whatever I want so typically breakfast would be chocolate money.

“If I’m playing I’ve got to get up have a decent breakfast and then have all the lower fat options for Christmas dinner, otherwise the next day you feel heavy and bloated.”

With a game against Newport Gwent Dragons slated for the December 26, Cardiff Blues fans will hope the flanker resists all temptation.