Sam Warburton: the day I DRANK a chicken dinner

Welsh rugby captain Sam Warburton once put a whole chicken dinner in the blender – and DRANK IT.

He admits that it was disgusting, but says he was in a hurry.

“It’s easier to drink things than eat things so there was one time I was really rushing – it sounds disgusting but I was really rushing – and I was having lunch so I literally just put it all in a blender,” Warburton revealed in an exclusive video for FUEL.

“It was like a chicken meal. I put some water in, mixed it up and I put it in a pint glass and I just drank it.

“And it WAS disgusting but I had to rush to go somewhere and it was a quick way of getting that meal in me.”

And that is not the only meal that the British Lion takes in liquid form. He regularly drinks a hearty breakfast.

“I can do that in the mornings,” he added. “I put in banana and there’s porridge, yogurt, protein, water – mix it all up.

“And I bought an extra big one, about a litre. And I put the lid on, put it in the car, and it takes me about 20 minutes to drive to training, so I can just drink that over 20 minutes on the way to training.

“If you put that in a bowl, it would be a massive bowl of food, but because I can put it in a blender and mix it up that’s a life-saver for me in the morning.”

In fact when it comes to kitchen gadgets, his blender is the one he likes the most.

“My most important kitchen utensil would probably be the blender, because I like to eat and omelette but sometimes that doesn’t come in until mid-morning in training – like 10 or 11 o’clock.

“I need to eat something before I go at, say, 7 or 8, and I don’t like eating hot food at that time of the morning.

“So my blender’s really good. My nutritionist always said: ‘If you’re struggling to eat it, blend it.”

Beats having a liquid lunch at any rate…