Sam Warburton: I can’t eat anything with eyes

Wales star Sam Warburton has revealed that he can’t eat anything that still has eyes.

The Cardiff Blues flanker admits that eating foods like prawns where it looks like it could still be alive really freaks him out.

“Anything that has still got its eyes in it – say something like prawns, even if they’re the little prawns – they freak me out because you can see what they used to look like when they were living so I can’t put that in my mouth,” he said in an exclusive interview with Rugby Lives.

Warburton admitted in an earlier video with FUEL that when he was little, he could not eat turkey at Christmas because he felt sorry for the birds.

And Warburton added that these days he isn’t a fan of seafood of any type. “My food hell would be that I really don’t like seafood.”

And while he’s at food hates, he added that he avoids salad too.

“I’m not a massive fan of salad. I notice that when we’re at training there’s always a big salad table and all the boys go up and have a load of salad and stuff but I’d rather have some extra broccoli or some greens.

“I don’t really like eating salad. It just takes up a whole lot of space and it’s a bit of a waste really. It doesn’t do a whole lot, so yeah, I don’t tend to eat too much of it.”