Sam v Ben: it’s the Great Warburton Egg Off

Wales star Sam Warburton reckons he’s the best omelette chef – but so does his twin brother Ben. Who’s right? We put them head-to-head to find out.

Flanker Sam has already impressed his team-mates. George North once famously said: “Sam Warburton does a banging omelette so if you want a snack, go to Sam’s house.”

So to give him a chance to prove it, we pitted Sam against Cardiff Blues physio Ben – and they took it seriously in an exclusive video, FUEL.

There were a few differences of opinion on ingredients as both tried to win the psychological battle.

“Red onion,” said Ben, adding some to his mix.

“Dodgy breath,” warned Sam.

Sam Warburton & his brother Ben
Sam Warburton & his brother Ben

“Is that all the filling you’re having?” asked Sam, looking across at Ben’s pan.

“You don’t have much in a five-star,” countered Ben.

It got serious when Sam forgot to add cheese, but then he stole Ben’s spatula to use two to flip his creation.

“Oh I’ve made a right pig’s ear of this,” he complained.

And as the tension mounted they finally plated up their dishes and handed it over to The Celtic Manor Resort chef, Richard Davies to judge.

After tasting both, he diplomatically told them: “You’re both bigger than me so you’re going to get an extra point for that…”

Then he gave them the result – and it was close. There was just a point between the winner and loser.

Watch the video above to see whether the traditional, slightly runny omelette or the one with the salt won the title of Omelette King for Sam or Ben.