Rose: 40,000 fans chanting your name is the best feeling ever

Spurs defender Danny Rose has a message for Spurs fans who sing his name at matches: keep it up, he loves it and even in the middle of a game, players DO hears what fans are chanting.
Rose sang his own version of the chant about him that fills White Hart Lane as he tears down the wing: “Danny – Danny Rose. Danny – Danny Rose.”
And he revealed in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives: “Amazing whenever I hear that. To see that the fans appreciate the hard work I put in.
“I don’t think there’s many better feelings than to have 30-40,000 people chanting your name on a weekend.”
Rose gave a run-down on his favourite chants from the Tottenham crowd.
“I always hear when they sing the Dele Alli song, and Harry Kane as well. And Moussa Dembélé. They’re the top three songs I hear whenever we’re playing.”