Roberts runs on spag bol and lasagne

British and Irish Lions centre Jamie Roberts revealed the secret fuels that gets him through an 80-minute test match.

In an exclusive video for Rugby Lives, the Welsh back says it has to be spag bolognese or lasagne before a game because of their nutritional value.

Previously Roberts said his mum’s spaghetti bolognese is what gave him his six-foot-five, 17 stone physique.

Talking about his preparation for a match, Roberts said: “My pre-match meal usually is either spag bol or lasagne.”

Explaining the thinking behind his pasta choices, he added: “I quite like the protein-carbs balance in that meal. It’s easy to cook. It’s easy, it’s nutritious, it’s calorific enough to get you through a rugby match.

“That’s the usual go-to. Obviously there are changes sometimes, but I would say more often than not it’s lasagne or spaghetti bolognese.”

Lasagne is a popular choice as a pre-match meal among rugby players. Roberts’s Harlequins teammate Danny Care always has a lasagne from high street restaurant Carluccio’s before every game.