Rangel keeps some pain from Spain in his fridge

Angel Rangel has a sting in the tail for guests – a jar of red hot chillies he likes to pop in their food.

The Premier League star opened up his fridge in an exclusive interview with FUEL.

And he pulled out a jar of guindilla, a type of chilli from his native Spain, which he admits he uses to torture his visitors.

“They’re really spicy, they’re not really my favourite,” he said. “But when I have guests, I like to surprise them with this!”

Rangel’s fridge is filled with a mixture of child-friendly grub and adults-only fare in a state-of-the-art kitchen installed when his house was built.

“We have the typical ketchup for kids, it has to be organic, that’s important,” said the father of three.

The Swansea defender added: “Squash is really important. I think kids don’t tend to like plain water.”

As you’d imagine for a professional sportsman, Rangel’s fridge is packed with fruit and vegetables, but there are a few naughty treats, too.

“Cream, I don’t think it’s healthy but there’s no better dessert,” he said while holding up a can of the stuff and a packet of strawberries.

Then there are items for grown-ups: olives, cornichons and as a special treat, Segadors del Delta Crema d’Arros, a traditional Spanish rice cream liqueur for his parents when they visit.