Pete Reed has to strip off to recover from Christmas dinner

Olympic rower Pete Reed eats so much for Christmas dinner that he has to lie on the floor with his shirt off to recover.

The triple Olympic gold medallist and his brother are so bloated that they can’t even stand the weight of their T-shirts on their stomachs, so they whip them off and collapse topless.

It all started when he was younger, he recalled in an exclusive video with FUEL.

“Christmas in the afternoon, it would be me and my brother lying down on the floor with full stomachs,” said Reed.

“We had to take our T-shirts off, I remember, because we couldn’t even have the weight of the T-shirt pressing on our stomach because it would make us feel so ill.

“Mum was the expert cook. She was a home economics teacher, so she really does know what she’s doing.

“We had more food than we needed. It was maybe a little bit greedy, we didn’t go that way normally, but the meats and the veg… it was just a super roast dinner and double the quantities.”

Although he’s been an international sports star for a dozen years, little has changed, though he does now try to fit in a little bit of exercise into his day of gluttony.

“I’ve had 12 years of international sport. Christmas definitely involves a little bit of training. I’ll go on a rowing machine once or maybe a run.”

But Reed is not worried about piling on the pounds.

“I eat more, maybe I eat more than I did before, but I’m able to process it very well. There will come a time when I’m retired and then things will have to change. I’ll have to scale back the quantities a little bit but I’m sure I’ll still be eating the good food.

“I’m 35 now and my brother is 33 and we’re big guys and we still overeat on Christmas day, so we’re still lying flat on the floor, T-shirts off so it doesn’t press down on our stomachs because it’s still painful.”