Oxlade-Chamberlain: Giroud is my biggest rival as dressing room DJ

Arsenal stars Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Olivier Giroud are on song on the pitch – but the Ox has revealed he and his French team-mate are fierce rivals in the Emirates dressing room.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is the Gunners’ dressing room DJ, choosing the playlist of songs to get the players hyped up before every game.

But, in an exclusive interview with Dressing Room DJ, the winger revealed how Giroud is his main competition for the DRDJ role.

Oxlade-Chamberlain told us: “Not many people like to step up and risk their playlist, but Olivier is definitely my competitor.”

The pair share a love of Tyga, the Californian rapper who Oxlade-Chamberlain took on a guided tour of the Emirates Stadium after the Ayo hitmaker’s London gig in 2015.

Oxlade-Chamberlain explained: “Olivier comes with a lot of Tyga, which is nice, but he tends to pick up on music a bit slow. He puts on tunes that have been out for a while and are a bit gone now.”

While he was happy to rinse his team-mate’s taste, Oxlade-Chamberlain did have some praise for Giroud’s dressing room choices. He said: “To be fair, his tunes are good and I do enjoy them. He likes dance as well; a bit of house. His problem is, he hasn’t got much variation.

“He’ll plug his iPhone in and that’ll be it for the year. You get 25 games in and you’re listening to the same songs over and over, then things start to get a bit tedious. It’s time to change.”

Explaining what makes him the right choice to get the Arsenal squad amped before games, Oxlade-Chamberlain said: “I’m always trying to keep things fresh for the boys by listening out for new songs and adding them into my playlists.

That’s where I nab Olivier and that’s why I’m that little bit better than him when it comes to being the dressing room DJ.”