Oxlade-Chamberlain: I’ve tried playing violin and drums but now I’ll stick to learning to DJ

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would love to be a musician and has tried to learn four different instruments, including the violin and drums. He’d love to play guitar but thinks he’s left it too late to learn.
The Arsenal midfielder revealed his passion for playing music in an exclusive video with Footballers Lives, saying he wishes his parents had made him continue with the piano because he’d love to be John Legend today.
“When I was young my music career started off with a recorder – that was quite hardcore,” he said. “Then I moved onto the violin, again quite rock and roll. That was my mum when I was about seven or eight – I was onto the violin early.
“Then we really started to ramp things up. I think I might have got a couple of grades on the piano. And now all I can play is Chopsticks though – that’s the only thing I remember how to play.
“When I left primary school and moved to my new school, I stopped music, which was strange. I don’t know why. I think it was football. I always played football but at my first primary school, at five or six or seven, I stopped playing those instruments.
“I went to my new school and then it was football. It was cool to be playing football and people who were doing the instruments weren’t as cool so I just stopped playing, which is a real shame.
“I always say to my mum and dad that I’m not happy that they didn’t keep me playing the piano or whatever because potentially being John Legend now seems quite a good idea.”
Later, Oxlade-Chamberlain had another try to become musical.
“At the time drumming seemed like the coolest thing to do. It was between that and guitar and I’ve got naturally quite good rhythm so with the drums I was a bit more natural so I started doing the drums. But again I only did it for maybe one or two years and I picked up on it quite fast and I got quite good but then again I stopped for some reason. That was a shame.
“So that’s basically my music career. It didn’t flourish too much.”
These days, he has moved from playing to mixing.
“More recently I’ve started with the DJing and trying to teach myself how to DJ and I’ve got a drum kit as well but it’s got a little bit of dust on it. It doesn’t get much of a run-out.
“That’s one regret I have. I really wish I’d kept up with playing some sort of instrument. I see people playing guitar now and I worship them. I think that’s amazing. It’s a shame I didn’t carry on properly but there’s still time – there is still time. I thought about doing guitar lessons but I wouldn’t want to play unless I could play properly and if I was spending hours and hours I know I’d get so frustrated not being able to reach a certain level and I just don’t think I’ve got enough time or patience now to learn. So I think my music days are over unfortunately.”