Ox: I gave Tyga a tour of the Emirates – thought he’d be bored but he loved it

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain showed Tyga round the Emirates stadium, thinking the American rapper would be bored – but he loved every minute.
Arsenal midfielder Ox went to watch Tyga live and met him afterwards, he said in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
They got chatting about football and Oxlade-Chamberlain invited Tyga to see the club, but thought he’d hate wandering around dressing rooms that he sat in every week. He couldn’t have been more wrong…
“Tyga was over in London and I went to his show – I think it was at the O2,” said Oxlade-Chamberlain. “And I met him backstage. We were speaking about football and I just said: ‘Do you want to come down to the Emirates?’ and he said: ‘Yeah’.
“So the next day, me and Kieran Gibbs took him to the Emirates and showed him around and for me, I was thinking: This is going to be so boring for him. This is just the Emirates. I know it’s an amazing football stadium but I’m going to show him the dressing room that I go in every week and don’t think twice about it.
“But for them and all his boys, they came in and they were really excited to see how we prepare for our game and where we sit. Oh wow, you’ve got a jacuzzi in your dressing room – that’s so sick. And this is so…
“And we were like: ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah ‘.
“But the night before we were watching him on the stage rapping and I was thinking: ‘How’s he doing this?’ He’s the sickest guy in the world and yet he walked out the tunnel onto the Emirates and for him seeing a stadium of 62,000 seats, that would be a big gig for him but I think: ‘You’re Tyga!’
“Then you have to think that last night you were playing in front of 5-10,000 people, so for him to see us performing in front of 62, week-in, week-out, he was like: ‘That’s so sick!’
“It’s a real reminder that what we do is just as good as what they do in a different field because we look at rappers and singers like everyone would. We look up to them. As footballers, we idolise some of them.
“I think that as a moment that was quite nice to know that Tyga from America, he might not know a lot about soccer and come over and really appreciate what we do and take interest in it. I think that was one of the nicest moments of the cross-over.”