Ox: Listening to Settle Down 50 times eased my nerves before England debut

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was nervous before making his England debut so he calmed himself down by listening to Settle Down by Mavado FIFTY TIMES.
It was the Arsenal midfielder’s first away game with the national team for a friendly against Norway in May 2012, so he was feeling the nerves, he revealed in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
And the track that helped him get ready to play was by Jamaican singer-songwriter Mavado.
“My first ever trip with England, we played Norway away, ” he recalled. “It was after my first season with Arsenal and I was obviously really surprised to get the call-up.
“It was for the Euros in 2012 and I remember my debut was against Norway and the night before the game I think Mavado Settle Down had just come out and I literally must have listened to it 50 times on repeat the whole night and then the whole next day on the way to the stadium listening to Mavado Settle Down.
“And I was just thinking the whole Settle Down thing and the nerves of playing for England for the first time – it was genuinely settling me down.
“That tune, going up to the stadium, everything. Mavado Settle Down was the tune that I first associate with England or going away with an England team.”
And it worked. Oxlade-Chamberlain came on as a second-half substitute for Ashley Young, who scored the only goal of the game.