Ox: I can’t resist singing along to One Direction

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has admitted he can’t stop singing along to One Direction, and has huge respect for the X Factor finalists.

The Arsenal midfielder told us that he loves the British boyband and was also a big fan of the show they found fame on.

“When I lived at home my mum was a big X Factor fan,” he said in an exclusive interview with Footballers Lives.

“So every Saturday I would watch it with her. I did like watching the X Factor and obviously a lot of the people who have come from it have done really well.

“One Direction are the most successful – and I do have time and respect for anyone that does really well. They’ve smashed the scene.

“I think every little girl in the world has bought a One Direction album, and that’s credit to them.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a bit of One Direction every now and then. They’ve had a few good songs that I can’t resist singing along to.”

The England international also revealed that his respect also goes out to other, more independently-minded artists as well.

“There is always something in me that likes to see guys that have done it all themselves – that might not have the backing of an X Factor or a big record label.

“Those guys that keep plugging away, keep writing their music – I’ve always had a lot of time for that and a lot of respect.”