Ox: Akon songs remind me of my first game at Arsenal – a 4-1 defeat

Listening to Akon reminds Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain of the first time he played at Arsenal – a 4-1 drubbing for his Southampton Under-12 team. But he says it was the day he first dreamed of playing for the Gunners.
The Gunners midfielder remembers driving to Highbury with his parents and listening to the Senegalese-American rapper on his headphones all the way into the stadium, he says in an exclusive video for Footballers Lives.
“I remember my first experience of playing at Highbury was an Under-12s game and on the way I had my CD-cassette player, the Walkman, and mum and dad were driving, and I think I was listening to Akon’s new album.”
Trouble, Akon’s first album had come out shortly before and featured chart hits Lonely and Locked up.
“I was listening to it the whole way up, I was walking into the stadium listening to it. And it’s funny now whenever I hear those tunes, it always takes me back to the 4-1 defeat away at Arsenal in the Under-12s.
“My first ever experience of playing at a proper football stadium. And I remember on that day being in the dressing rooms and thinking: ‘This is where [Thierry] Henry plays, where all the legends play, the Invincibles team’.
“And I just remember thinking that one day I’d love to play for Arsenal.”