Nowell: nothing reminds me of childhood like monkfish curry

The meal that reminds England rugby winger Jack Nowell most of his childhood is monkfish curry.

The Exeter Chiefs back was born in Cornwall and his dad was a trawlerman, so having plenty of fresh fish was normal in the Nowell house.

And monkfish curry was the favourite family dish when the boat came in.

“It was pretty awesome when your dad comes in from the sea at the weekend and he’s caught fish that day,” said Nowell in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

“We had a lot of fish growing up. Me, my brothers and sister grew up eating a lot of it.”

And his favourite food comes from that period.

“I would go for a monkfish curry just because the monk’s a bit tougher and don’t fall apart like cod – I know my things.”

Father and son even have Japanese-influenced tattoos – many of them depicting protection from the sea.

And today, the Exeter Chief’s favourite meal is monkfish curry – monkfish because of its meaty flesh so it holds its shape in the curry.

These days player, happy to play wing, full-back or centre, waits for his dad to visit with a fresh catch before cooking up the meal.

“I only really make it now when my dad brings me a little bit.

“I used to live with a few of the boys and I made that for them now and again. But Sladey doesn’t like spicy food. He finds tomato ketchup spicy, so I had to make it mild.”