Nowell names the Chief food cheats

England wing Jack Nowell says his club team-mates are a bunch of food cheats. He reckons they claim to have cooked meals they just thawed from the freezer, wolf down chocolate bars when they’re on diets, and lie about how much ice cream they’ve nicked.

The Exeter Chiefs man revealed in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives: “I used to live with Henry Slade and his cooking would class as potato waffles, beans, bacon. No ketchup – he hates ketchup.

“That would be his cooking. Or his nan would quite often make him pies and he’d put that in the microwave, so he says he’s cooked a pie even though we’ve seen them all in the freezer, frozen for four months.

“A lot of the boys are big lovers of cake. Tomas Francis always says he’s on a diet but he comes in eating a Mars bar.”
But it was fellow England Grand Slam winner Luke Cowan-Dickie who Nowell claimed was the worst culprit.

“Luke Cowan-Dickie and ice cream… on away games, the night before, we have a bit of ice cream for dessert.

“Some of the boys have one or two scoops. I think Dickie has about seven or eight scoops and tries lying to the boys, telling us he’s only had two when we’ve watched him.”

And Nowell added that it is hard to snack on a treat while on England duty.

He said: “In the England team there’s not a lot, really, because when you’re in camp it’s quite hard to get hold of your cheat meals.

“Everything is made for you at the hotel, a day before the game we might have chicken goujons and maybe a bit of chocolate just to finish off the week before the game, so you’ll see the boys having quite a lot of that.

“The food in the England camp and with Exeter isn’t that different, to be honest. When you’re in camp you get given everything – your veg, your meats and stuff like that – and as a rugby player you know what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

“Sometimes you’ll have a couple more treats at your club than when at camp, like going off to Nando’s on a Thursday, but it’s quite rare you get to do that when you’re in the hotel, training every day.”