Nowell and Slade: The hound’s testicles…

Henry Slade and Jack Nowell know each other so well they can even reveal intimate details of each other’s dogs…

The England and Exeter Chiefs team-mates took part in a special video quiz for Rugby Lives in which they asked each other personal questions to see which of them had been paying attention.

First question was about Slade’s dog.

HENRY SLADE: Besides being a legend, what breed is Frank?
JACK NOWELL: A cockagirl?
HS: I knew you’d say something…say it properly.
JN: A cockagirl?
HS: Say it properly, Jack.
JN: A girl dog. A cockadoo? A cockadoodledoo? A cockapoodle.
HS: Got it right.
JN: What breed of French Bulldogs… what breed of dogs are mine and which nut is black on Buddy?
HS: His left nut.
HS: I know nuts!
JN: He knows his testicles.

Next stop Crufts…
It wasn’t just dogs that the former housemates were quizzed about. Henry’s hair came into the discussion, as well as Jack missing out on a trip to Las Vegas. Next question came from Slade.

HS: Where did I have a bloody great time this summer?
JN: Eurgh, Vegas. Because I didn’t go and you’ve not told me anything about it before.
HS: You coming next year?
JN: Next year! What colour is your hair?
HS: So, it’s actually brown, but he’s going to say it’s ginger. In some lights it’s ginger but…
JN: You decide…
HS: It’s more copper or auburn.
JN: Strawberry blond…
HS: No, it’s not strawberry blond.