Laugher: I drink sweet white wine with steak

Olympic gold medal winning diver Jack Laugher knows he will shock a few foodies but he doesn’t care: he drinks sweet white wine with steak.
Laugher, who won the synchronised 3m springboard with Chris Mears at Rio 2016, admitted that even when he goes out to his favourite steak restaurant, the wine he chooses has to be white.
“I don’t drink throughout a competition year usually, from January through to July-August I really try and stay away from drinking,” he said in an exclusive video for Fuel.
“Even having one glass of wine I can feel it next morning and I feel it detracts from what I’m doing. But now that I’m finished, I drink white and rosé. I don’t really like red wine.
“I feel awful because my favourite restaurant in Leeds is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian-style meat place, and I went with my friends, I took them all there and treated them all to a lovely meal, and they’re all ordering these bottles of red wine and I’ve ordered this bottle of white wine.
“Steak is red wine – that’s what you have it with. I felt awful but I’ve got a thing against room-temperature drinks. So it’s got to be a nice cold glass of sweet white wine.
“I’m not really a big drinker to be honest anyway. I do feel embarrassed but I eat what I like, I eat what I enjoy to eat and I drink what I enjoy to drink as well.
“And even though it might not necessarily go together, I eat what I enjoy and for me that’s really important. It’s about enjoying the food, not eating it because you have to.”