Jimmy Anderson’s last laugh – sticky toffee pudding

Jimmy Anderson is known for being Mr Grumpy when he plays cricket, but one thing gets him laughing – planning his final meal on Death Row.

He takes his diet very seriously but if it ever came to the crunch he’d forget all that and go for the binge.

The Lancashire and England quick bowler goes all misty eyed as he plans his final three-course menu.

He says: “My Death Row last meal would be goat’s cheese tart to start with, followed by steak and chips, big steak, Bearnaise sauce with chips and a bit of mayonnaise.”

Jimmy, who is England’s all-time leading wicket taker continues: “Pudding would be a large sticky toffee pudding with custard. I could do a bowl of custard on its own to be honest. I love it so much.”

At the end he laughs and says: “That would definitely cheer me up before I went to my death…”