Jimmy Anderson: I eat a huge breakfast because I can’t face lunch

England bowler Jimmy Anderson eats as much as he can for breakfast because he cannot face food after a hard morning in the field.

Lancashire and England paceman Anderson says it’s different for batsmen, who have huge lunches while the bowlers often make do with a protein shake.

“During a Test match, if it’s a bowling day I’ll try to eat as much food as possible at breakfast. I’ll try and get as much fuel on board as possible.

“So it will be eggs, salmon or bacon, beans – try and get as much protein on board as possible and that will set me up for the day really,” he revealed in an exclusive video for FUEL.

“What I find is, if I’m bowling and out on the field for a long period of time, I struggle to eat much when I come off.

“So when the batsmen are tucking into steak and chips or whatever, the bowlers might not be. They might be having a protein shake or something light, just to tide them over.”

Anderson also revealed the timetable for a day when his team is batting and he has a more relaxed time of it.

“Breakfast is nice and healthy – some fruit, yoghurt and cereal definitely to start off with.

“Eight o’clock for breakfast and then we start the game at 11, lunch is at 1, which could just be chicken breasts and a bit of mash or generally just meat and carbs and some veg but quite light.

“And then tea is at 4 so it’s wraps or protein shakes.”

And when the game ends for the day, they are already thinking ahead to the next morning and starting all over again.

“We finish the game at 6 or 6.30 and we won’t have our evening meal until 8 o’clock, which again will be trying to fill up on something good, some good fuel to replace what you’ve lost during the day and also to help you recover well overnight and perform well again the next day.”