Jimmy Anderson: I ate ‘lucky’ pasta dish for a month

Sportsmen are notoriously superstitious but England’s all-time leading wicket-taker took that to the extreme – by eating the same meal for a month because he thought it was lucky.

It happened during a successful tour in India five years ago.

“Cricketers are generally superstitious,” Anderson revealed in an exclusive interview with FUEL.

The Lancashire and England quick bowler added: “We get into habits and routines. We drive the same route to the ground if we have a good day. Silly things like that.”

Remembering the tour, he explained: “I chose pasta with olive oil and garlic. I’d had it on the first day of a test match and we did quite well.

“So I had it for four weeks solid for my dinner – nothing else apart from this.”

Anderson, 34, is convinced the sacrifice paid off. He insisted: “I thought it was a good luck charm and we won, so it worked.”

And he was not the only one who was trapped by superstition into repeating the same meal. He said: “In India, we generally gravitate to one person’s room. I was in Graeme Swann and Alastair Cook’s room.

“We all ate the same thing every night… I think there was butter chicken. I had my pasta and then we had a pizza to share, too.”

But when he got home from the tour, he soon rang the changes.

“I didn’t have pasta or pizza for about three months after that!” he recalled.