Jamie Roberts: my BIG breakfast…

Steak, smoked salmon, a whole pork steak, poached eggs, an avocado, houmous, broccoli, a sweet potato and other veg. A feast for a family of four? No – Jamie Roberts’s BREAKFAST.

The six-foot five-inch Harlequins centre is a huge fan of the big breakfast as his Instagram followers know.

He uploaded a picture of that morning meal and it went viral. So, for those who missed it, that is what giant Wales and British Lions player has for breakfast.

He told Rugby Lives exclusively: “We’d done a cardio session that morning so I was pretty hungry. I put the picture up and it went pretty viral.”

And he revealed: “It was quite a big meal but that’s pretty much a standard meal for a professional rugby player.”

Decent brekkie @harlequinsrugby 👌🏼

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Jamie, 30, insists he’s not just being greedy. He explained: “Some people don’t grasp how much you’re working and how many calories you’re burning.

“You have to refuel and replenish your body with enough nutrients to make sure you’re not losing weight.”

But before you foodies get a craving for playing the game too, there are downsides to the professionals’ mammoth diet. Jamie revealed: “Rugby players’ food bills are probably their biggest outgoings.”

And he added: “It’s difficult as well because I like coffee and, as much as I like it, that can sometimes decrease your appetite and make you dehydrated as well.

“So I’m quite disciplined with how many coffees I have and when I do drink it, as nice as it is.”

He probably only gets through a gallon a day…