Jamie Roberts: Mum’s spag bol made me a 6ft 5in giant

Jamie Roberts, the giant Wales and British Lions centre, reckons his mum’s meaty spaghetti Bolognese turned him into the giant he is.

Roberts who stands 6ft 5in and weighs a colossal 17st 5lbs, says his fearsome size is all down to the grub served up at home when he was a lad.

“Mum loved her spaghetti Bolognese,” said Roberts in an exclusive FUEL video. “I was one of two brothers so to cook for the whole family it’s an easy, quick, nutritious meal. It’s quite efficient, isn’t it, spaghetti Bolognese?

“Mum used to cook really well for us. We always had a very varied diet and she used to feed us well. That’s why I’m six foot five!”

Harlequins back Roberts has won more than 80 caps for Wales and been on two Lions tours. He also puts his awesome physique down to the lunches he was given as a young rugby player.

“Growing up at the rugby club you have sausage, beans and chips after playing throughout your childhood in the youth teams and certainly in the club after games it would always be a tray of sausage, beans and chips, and that again is a throwback to earlier days.”

But his mum rustled up some less weighty meals as well for the young Roberts, who is also a fully qualified doctor.

“My mum used to love minestrone soup for some reason,” he revealed, “and every other day our starter would be minestrone soup.”