Jamie Roberts: I have three meals a day and then home for dinner

Wales rugby giant Jamie Roberts has revealed the astonishing amount of food he has to eat to maintain his game physique.

In an exclusive video for FUEL, Roberts, who is 6ft 5ins and 17st 5lbs, listed the food he gets through during a day’s training with his club Harlequins – and that’s AFTER a hearty breakfast.

“After the first training session a meal is provided at the club,” said British Lion Roberts. “It might be salmon fillets and potato wedges or maybe some Chinese chicken thighs.

“Sometimes it’s burgers – it changes every day. There’s a protein option, a carb option and a veg option, and there’ll be yoghurts as well and fruit. We also take protein shakes after weights training to maximise recovery.

“Then we’ll train again, and then we’ll eat again. Recovery shakes – and they’ll be different for guys who want to lose weight, maintain weight, put on weight. They’ll have different macro-nutrients in them.

“Then maybe it’s wraps and one of chicken, fish, steaks, and a carb option and veg. So by the time you’ve finished training you’ve already had three meals and maybe a few snacks here and there. A few nuts, raisins.

“And then when I come home I know that I’ve eaten enough that day and I just need an evening meal and a protein shake before bed.”

In fact Roberts’s routine is so well laid out that he even has to plan when he is eating out at restaurants a week before.

“I need to get my diary straight – know when I’m eating out and prep for the days I’m going to be eating in.

“My physical diary’s kept on my phone. By Sunday I usually know which days of the week I’m eating out and can shop on the Sunday and prep accordingly. But the barbeque plays a big part in my life. It’s easy chucking anything on the grill.”