Jamie George: the day I beat an Olympic boxing champ

Rugby forward Jamie George claims he beat an Olympic boxing champion – even though George was the one who was knocked out.

The Saracens hooker told how he ended up in the ring after his club told him to take up boxing to get fitter and toughen him up.

George revealed in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives, filmed by England star James Haskell: “They were trying to get me someone to spar against, then one day I was there and this bloke walked in. I didn’t know who he was, but everyone was like: ‘Oh no way, no way’.

“So I was like: ‘Who’s that bloke over there?’ And they were saying this guy’s just come back from the Olympics, just won gold at the Olympics and he’s just turned professional.

“He comes in and I meet him, and the bloke I was training with said: ‘Jamie’s looking to spar against someone, would you mind showing him a few things, just to get him sorted before he starts sparring properly’.

“So I was like: ‘There’s not a chance I’m getting in the ring with this guy’.”

But he did.

George went on: “I get in the ring with him and we did three three-minute rounds. We got through the first one fine, he was showing me some stuff, it was pretty cool and then the next round came in and I ended up getting a bit carried away.

“I banged him in the stomach, which he wasn’t expecting. I threw the haymaker, the feather-mitts and smashed him right in the belly and it obviously winded him a bit.

“So then, suddenly I saw this red mist come over his eyes like he was just gone. He started storming around the ring, back and forth, and I was like: ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry’.

“Literally the next thing I know, the bloke comes over and just goes bang, bang, bang, BANG. Literally game over. Completely knocked out… and I happened to wet myself.”

But despite being floored, George was quick to claim it as a victory as the coaches had stressed that head shots were not allowed.

Even so he explained: “I never did go back. That was the last time. But I’m 1-0. Technically it’s a knockout, no face shots. I’ve beaten an Olympic champion!”