James Haskell’s guide to the perfect afternoon tea

Forget a massive steak on the bone or a whole roast chicken, England back-rower James Haskell says his favourite food is afternoon tea with dinky cakes and finger sandwiches.

“I love afternoon tea,” says the 18 stone, six-foot-five-inch hulk in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

But the Wasps flanker has some strong views on what makes up the perfect afternoon tea.

No cucumber, no cheap ham – and be careful with that chocolate cake.

“This is key,” he insists. “You’ve got to have finger sandwiches, numerous. The bullshit of just the cucumber in a sandwich is just nonsense.

“You’ve got to have a substantial variety in there. I don’t mind smoked salmon, coronation chicken throw in, a few other bits, ham and cheese, classic, smoked ham though, not the cheap stuff.”

And once the sandwiches have been disposed of, there is plenty more to get right.

“Then scones, warmed, clotted cream, jam and a tower or assorted cakes. Decent cakes like a couple of eclairs in there, some little muffins.

“You don’t want to go off-piste because the real smart looking chocolate with all the art work on top of it – they’re quite dark and they never taste that good.”