Jack Nowell: My superburger with beef AND lamb

England rugby winger Jack Nowell gets hungry after a match – so he fixes himself a monster burger with beef AND lamb.

To make it special, he adds a topping of red onion and cheese then bakes it in the oven.

Cornish-born Nowell, who plays for Exeter Chiefs, told FUEL all about his match-winning treat in an exclusive video.

“If we’ve won a big game,” he said, “I’ll probably cook a nice home-made burger with lots of cheese. That’s what I’d go for. Lamb, beef – yes probably those two mixed together.”

Then comes the special touch.

“For a perfect burger I won’t have relish. I’d have red onions cut in half, bit of cheese in the middle, back on top and then in the oven and I’d put a bit of basil in there.”

And what’s his verdict on the double-meat feast?

Simple: “It’s good!”