Jack Nowell: big lads run and hide when the Fat Tester comes round

Rugby players don’t mind facing a rampaging 18-stone opponent hurtling towards them, but they run and hide when the Fat Tester comes looking for them.

Exeter Chiefs winger Jack Nowell reveals how his team-mates are scared of having too much blubber and being forced to exercise and diet to get rid of it.

“If you put on a bit of weight the club tend to find out,” said Nowell in an exclusive video for Rugby Lives.

“We get fat tested probably once every other month whereas when you’re with England you’re there for four weeks, eight weeks, whatever the time is so it’s your clubs that do that.

“There’s a few boys that run around the gym and hide from our conditioners when it’s fat testing time.”

Fortunately for Nowell he is the right physique not to get caught out. He went on: “Luckily for us smaller guys we get away with it.”

Nowell added that watching his team-mates avoiding the tests was like a scene out of TV cartoon series The Simpsons.

He told Rugby Lives: “Obviously you have your top off when you get fat tested, and it’s like the fat guy from The Simpsons, running away from the chocolate.

“It’s exactly like that: ‘Don’t make me run, I’m full of chocolate.”