Jack Laugher: turkey can get stuffed this Christmas

Olympic gold medal winning diver Jack Laugher fancies three birds for Christmas.

His family can’t stand roast turkey so instead his mum tries to vary the meal – even making a meat roll made of chicken, duck and turkey, he explained in an exclusive video with FUEL.

He said: ‘‘We don’t really like turkey very much, so we chop and change. We do chicken and pork.

“And Mum makes her own three-bird roast. Mum’s quite handy around the kitchen.

“She basically minced up three different types of poultry and put them in layers then rolled them up with stuffing between the layers.

“So you had like a meat slice of three different mincey things. It was beautiful.”

But Laugher, who won the synchronised 3m springboard with Chris Mears at Rio 2016, says his family never have the same thing twice.

“We try to change it up every single year so that it can be something different and something that we can enjoy as opposed to just a classic turkey.”

But one thing that never changes no matter what meat thy eat is “all the trimmings”.

“We always have Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, sprouts, green beans and all the extras and trimmings that we need on Christmas Day, but try to change the meats up so it’s a bit different every year.