Henry Slade: I celebrate wins with a Big Mac and Fanta

England rugby back Henry Slade rewards himself after a big win with a big Mac washed down by bottle of fizzy Fanta.

Every other day, Slade is the complete professional watching his diet and eating only what is good for him. But when things go well on the pitch, even he cheats off it.

The Exeter Chief said: “After a big game if we had a big win, me and the boys go out for a few drinks.

“And that is where I probably have my cheat meal. It would probably be a McDonald’s. Everyone loves it,” he said in an exclusive interview with Rugby Lives.

“I’d have a big Mac, some nuggets and a nice big bottle of Fanta.”

Apart from being an athlete who depends on taking on board the best nutrition, there is another health reason why Henry has to be careful about what he eats.

Henry is a diabetic and said: “Obviously, it’s not the best for me being diabetic, but you’ve got to have it every now and again.”

The versatile star has to monitor the amount of carbs he takes in.

He explained: “I can’t just eat what I want now, willy nilly. I have to think about what is going in so I can inject my insulin accordingly.”